PEAKES make loneliness feel like the most seductive experience in the world. True outsiders, the Leeds based three-piece construct vivid alt-pop hymns, while their precocious musicality matches ambient electronics to surging melodics, and a divine sense of sound.

PEAKES are in a perpetual state of flux, a group of self-admitted perfectionists who refuse to release anything they're not happy with. Debut EP 'Space' may have been concise, but it exploded with fresh ideas, with new ways of looking at music.

“We’re trying to make interesting sounds but in quite an accessible way,” explains Maxwell. “It’s a pop scenario. Electronic ambient sounds but in a pop context.”

Far out in the rolling Yorkshire landscape, PEAKES are able to let their imaginations run unhindered. Even here, though, Molly still can't quite find peace, recording her vocals entirely alone, cut off from the rest of the world.

The communication, the interplay between each member makes PEAKES what it is, and what it can be. The three believe in one another – from those frosted vocals, the fluid electronics, and Pete Redshaw's expertly controlled drumming – to become a self-contained pop unit divorced from the outside world.

Their whole lives consumed by music, PEAKES are pursuing a solitary path, but it's one laden with artistic rewards. The group are already fixated on their new EP, while recent London shows have found sold out audiences following their every step.

It's obvious, really. PEAKES need one another. And in this lonely, fractured world, each of them need PEAKES. "We’re all so dependant on each other," the singer observes. "We all have to be on the same page, and we all have to put that effort in. Otherwise, what’s the point? You all have to believe in each other".